Wholesale jerseys agreement for 2 years between Ravens and defensive end Calais Campbell

The Ravens announced Saturday that defensive end Calais Campbell has been signed to a two year wholesale jerseys contract.

Reporters from NFL Jerseys Network claim that the total salary for this position is $12.5million, with an additional $4,000,000 in incentive bonus clauses.

Campbell will be celebrating his 15th season in the league. He was briefly considering retiring, but he saw the Rams win a title which rekindled the fight. On Twitter, Campbell was welcomed by Lamar Jackson, Ravens’ quarterback, and Tony Jefferson II safety.

Campbell was selected six times to the Pro Bowl, and once again, rushing the pass was a proud propaganda phrase. Campbell has shifted to running defense over the last two years but still managed 4.5 tackles. Campbell has so far completed 773 tackles, and 93.5 sacks in his career.