Vikings sign Zardaris Smith, linebacker, to a 3-year agreement

Zardaris Smith, a Vikings linebacker, has been signed to a three year contract. The Green Bay Packers released Smith, who is 27 years old. Multiple reports claim that Smith had offered to return to Baltimore, but the deal was canceled. The Vikings do have two pass rushers who are proven to be able to help Smith. Smith has been a valuable member of the defense so far.

Smith was released by the Packers last week. However, multiple reports claim that he had made a deal with the Ravens. However, the deal didn’t materialize. Smith will continue to play for the Packers. However, he could be given a bigger role if he is healthy. Smith, who is one of the Vikings’ most experienced pass rushers makes a great fit for the secondary. The question is: Can Smith play in the NFL?

The Vikings added Smith to their secondary with Smith’s signing. Over the next three-years, Smith will earn more than $8million as a former Ravens linebacker. He’ll earn $14 million if he plays a full season in 2021. Tyquan Lewis, a veteran Vikings edge rusher, has been added to the team. Since 2015, the pair have combined 105 sacks.

This deal is valued at $47 million and comes with incentives. Smith will be paid $14 million annually. Smith will be paid $14 million per year. The Vikings will also pay Danielle Hunter’s $18 million roster bonus. Hunter signed with the Vikings back in March. Pettine, the former Green Bay Packers defensive coach, cut Smith’s contract on March 14, in order to keep below the salary cap.

Smith has been signed by the Vikings to a three year deal that could be worth as much as $47 million. Smith, a two-time Pro Bowler, will be available to the Vikings as free agency. The Minnesota Vikings already signed Danielle Hunter, a three year deal. Although the new contract doesn’t have a cap hit it is good for both parties to be on the same page regarding the contract.

Smith has been signed by the Vikings to a three year contract that could be worth as much as $42 million. If the incentives are met, the four-year contract could reach $47 million. Za’Darius Smith was injured during his first two seasons in Green Bay. He was unable to play most of the season. The Packers signed him to a 3-year contract.

The Minnesota Vikings signed Za’DariusSmith, linebacker, to a $32 million three-year contract. Although the contract is less than the three previous seasons, it is still worth every penny. Smith will begin his first season as a Vikings linebacker. The new players will have the chance to participate in the playoffs, along with Smith’s new contract.