Vikings coach praises second-year quarterback Mond’s jerseys quality performance

In the 2021 season, Vikings coach Hans Zimmer finally described rookie quarterback Kellen Mond to reporters as follows: “I’ve seen enough of his jerseys quality performance.”

For the 2022 season, new Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell has opted to give Mond plenty of opportunities to compete for Kirk Cousins’ bench spot as well.

“Kellen’s been doing really well this spring so far, he’s been working hard and learning the system,” O’Connell said. “Yesterday he used his instincts in training to make some short passes that he didn’t prepare in advance, and that’s something we’d love to see. details.”

Mond is a third-round pick for the Vikings in 2021 and was originally seen by fans as a potential successor to Cousins. But due to the poor performance of the Vikings last season, Zimmer’s coaching position is basically not guaranteed, and the priority of developing Mond is even lower. Winning games was the priority for the Vikings at the time, with Cousins and veteran backup Sean Mannion as the main quarterbacks.