University of Georgia picks 15 players, breaking NFL record

In the 2022 draft, a total of 15 players from the University of Georgia were selected, breaking the historical record of the NFL seven round draft. The previous record (14) was jointly maintained by Ohio State University (2004) and Louisiana State University (2020).

The University of Georgia also broke the record for the number of selected defenders in the first round. After travon Walker was elected the No. 1 player, Jordan Davis, quay walker, devonte Wyatt and Lewis cine also became the first round show.

Walker, the No. 1 player, said during the physical test camp: “this is history. It’s special to stand on the field with those players and play with them in the same team…. many excellent players work hard. We have done what we should do.”

When the draft was still 12 rounds, the University of Texas was selected 17 players (1984), while the University of Notre Dame was selected 16 players in 32 rounds.