Seahawks wide receiver Metcalfe: It’s my turn to take leadership responsibility

Many were shocked to hear that Russell Wilson had been traded from the Seahawks for the Broncos. Wide receiver D.K. Metcalf.

Metcalf stated:”I was shocked. that he never imagined that he would leave Seattle.” The Seahawks lost Bobby Wagner, their defensive leader and linebacker, a day after Wilson’s departure.

“I am very close to Bobby. He’s my brother. Metcalfe stated that it was so difficult for him to leave.” Metcalfe said, “He’s like a big brother…and got fired as such. He did nothing wrong. He is the type of player all teams desire.”

Metcalfe stated, “I’m in my fourth year of my professional career and it’s now my turn to take leadership responsibility.” “It’s mine to lead the Seahawks. That’s what I believe.”