Seahawks execute fifth-year wholesale jerseys contract option for tight end Fant

On Tuesday, according to the NFL Jerseys network reporter, Seahawks implemented the fifth year option of the rookie contract of near front Noah fant, with a total salary of $6.85 million.

Fant made 68 catches for Broncos last season, which was one of the chips used to trade for Russell Wilson in March. Seahawks also won quarterback drew rock, defensive end forward Shelby Harris, two first round signings, two second round signings and one five round signings.

As the first round show in 2019, fant’s output in the first three years of his career is very stable: he has completed at least 40 catches and reached the array at least 3 times. He is a member of the 2019 draft and the first player in the history of Seahawks team to be executed with the option of a fifth year contract.

Fant received the ball 68 times last season, pushed 670 yards and reached the array 4 times. At present, he has received and advanced 1905 yards for 10 times in his career.