Saints sign safety Tyrann Mathieu to 3-year jerseys sales deal

On Monday, saints will sign a three-year Jerseys sales contract with safety guard tyran Mathieu, with a total salary of $33 million, including $18 million in security, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network.

Saints’ two starting security guards last season will not continue to play. Marcus Williams signed with ravens and Malcolm Jenkins hung up his boots and retired. Now Mathieu and previously signed jets veteran Marcus maye are tentative starters.

Williams and Jenkins are typical swimming guards and strong guards respectively, but the roles of Mathieu and maye are not so clear. They may get a more flexible arrangement in Dennis Allen’s defense system. In addition, C.J. Gardner Johnson, a very good security guard outside the marking slot, is still in the team.

Mathieu completed 26 interceptions in his career, including 3 Return attacks, 76 destructive passes, 610 grabs and 10 catches.