Ravens agree to sign linebacker center Josh Bynes Jerseys to one-year deal

One week after missing Bobby Wagner, ravens officially announced that it would re the sign Lineback center Josh Bynes jerseys for one year.

Byrnes, 32, started 12 games for the crow last season and completed 76 catches and 2 kills. The ravens were once close to signing Wagner’s shirt as a new midline defender, but Wagner chose to sign with rams in order to stay on the west coast.

As a draft loser in 2011, Bynes played 131 games and completed 553 tackles in his career. He was also the player who completed the last key catch in the super bowl between crow and 49 people.

Bynes spent the first three years of his career playing for crow and joined the lion in 2014. After playing for the cardinals in 2017 and 2018, he played in crow for another year in 2019. He joined Cincinnati in 2020, but returned to Baltimore last season.