Rams wide receiver Karp: I hope the jerseys sales contract is reasonable for myself and the team

This year’s off-season, many stars have won high salary Jerseys contracts. However, in rams’s outsider Cooper kupp’s view, the Jerseys sales contract that can benefit himself and the team is the most appropriate.

Karp received the ball 145 times last season, pushed 1947 yards and reached the array 16 times. He was elected as the MVP of the super bowl and the best offensive player of the year. At present, his contract will last until the end of 2023 season, and his salary for the next two years will be $14.5 million and $14.25 million respectively. Rams has also previously expressed his willingness to renew his contract with Karp.

Raiders’ outsider davante Adams (annual salary of $28.5 million) and dolphin’s outsider tyreek Hill (annual salary of $30 million) have set high salary records successively. Bill’s outsider stefon diggs, jaguars’ outsider Christian Kirk, chargers’ outsider Mike Williams and pirates’ outsider Chris Godwin also received high salary contracts.

“I think there is always a price for the jerseys I want, which is reasonable for myself and the team.” “I don’t want to win over anyone and I don’t want to compare with others. What I value more is being reasonable to both sides,” Kapp said.