Rams look to re-sign wide receiver Beckham jerseys wholesale

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has yet to make a decision on the team with which he will be a part of the following season. After being let go from Brown in 2021 Beckham was signed to a single-year jerseys wholesale deal to the Rams.

Beckham was injured by tearing his ACL on his knee in his knee injury in the Super Bowl win over the Bengals and is still recuperating. According to reports recently Beckham’s name has been associated with teams such as the Chiefs and the former owner Brown. However, as per NFL Jerseys Network reporters, Beckham is the one most likely to remain at the Rams.

According to reports according to reports, according to reports, the Rams know the most concerning Beckham’s injury. Their team doctor “corrected an error in surgery a couple of years back” that could have extended Beckham’s playing career. Rams General manager Les Snead also said, “He (Beckham) is one of the players we would like to retain.”

Beckham played in 8 matches for the Rams during the season. He made 27 catches that netted 5 touchdowns and 305 yards. An injury to his knee will keep him out for the majority of the next season.