Ram veteran left interceptor Whitworth announced his retirement

Andrew Whitworth, a 40 year old ram left interceptor, announced his retirement decision through social media on Tuesday.
Whitworth won the super bowl with RAM last season and wrote a happy ending to his career. “My body is very tired. The past may have been the hardest month for me. The season has just passed… But I still get up at five every morning, go into the sauna and try to get myself moving. But sometimes my body doesn’t want to act with my spirit. It’s time.”
Whitworth was selected into the professional bowl four times and the best team twice in his career. He is the only left interceptor in league history who has played as a starter after the age of 40.
In the ram’s five seasons, Whitworth started 71 games, and the success rate of passing and covering ranked second in the attack and interception. His retirement will free up $15.5 million for ram.