Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr renew jerseys sale for 3 years

On Wednesday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, Las Vegas Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr Jersey sales renewed their contract for three years, with a total salary of $121.5 million, including no transaction terms.

In the 2017 season, Carl renewed his five-year contract with the team of US $125 million, which was the highest salary contract in NFL history at that time. His new contract salary ($40.5 million) ranks fifth in the League quarterback.

Last season, Carl passed 4804 yards, reached the array 23 times, was intercepted 14 times, and was captured and killed 40 times. Raiders had a record of 10-7 and was eliminated after losing to American League champion tigers in the wild card game.

As the raider’s second round show in 2014, Carl currently holds the record of the team’s passing yards (31700), passing arrays (193) and winning advances (30). His number of wins (57) ranked third in team history, second only to Ken stabler (69) and Daryl LaMonica (62).

Raiders has made a big deal in strengthening the lineup this season: it has won a deal for packers to take over davante Adams and signed a five-year $141.5 million contract with him; Signed a three-year $52.5 million contract with Red Setter Chandler Jones and renewed a four-year $94 million contract with Maxx Crosby.