Pirates external coach: Team jerseys competition is not small

In his third year with the Buccaneers, quarterback Tom Brady’s passing targets may not be the same.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are confirmed to return, but the rest of the wide receivers will be picked among the talents. Offseason training performance is therefore critical.

Buccaneers wide receiver coach Kevin Garver said: “Mike and Chris have proven themselves and shown that they have a positive impact on the offense. But the other position is uncertain. The team jerseys competition in the wide lineup is not small, they Each has their own unique talents and abilities that will make a difference for the team. I’m looking forward to seeing the competition in training.”

Both Godwin and Evans had at least 70 catches last season for more than 1,000 yards, and they combined for 19 touchdowns. Tight end Rob Gronkowski finished third with 802 yards and six touchdowns.

Gronkowski has yet to decide whether to continue playing this season, and neither Antonio Brown nor O.J. Howard will stay with the team. Russell Gage, a Pirates wide receiver who was previously signed, may be able to take on the role of third receiver.