Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting quarterback

On Tuesday, Ben McAdoo, panthers attack coordinator, said in an interview that Sam darnold will be the starting quarterback next season.

McAdoo later added that coach Matt Rhule has the final decision, but the current operation mode of the team is based on the premise of danold’s starting.

Panthers will only have danold and P.J. walker on the quarterback list next season, but they may also supplement rookies with the No. 6 signing in the first round. They have interviewed Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett and other rookies.

After becoming the attack coordinator of panthers, McDull once expressed his love for danold. “Sam has some magic when he plays.” “There’s no doubt about his athletic ability. I’m looking forward to working with Sam. we’ve been trying to fit in the attack over the past few days and he’s shown the quality of a good player,” mcardo said.