Giants willing to trade wide receiver Caldaris Tunney jerseys

On Saturday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, giants is willing to trade the kadarius Toney jerseys for the first round of the show. Tony was the 20th in the first round of last year’s show. The rookie season was quite rough due to injuries and other reasons: the wrong size of shoes […]

Steelers re-sign safety Edmonds jerseys for one year

On Friday, Steelers will re sign a one-year contract with security guard Terrell Edmonds Jerseys, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network. Steelers did not execute Edmonds’s fifth year contract option before, which also allowed him to finally test the water in the free market this off-season. Edmonds is the first round of Steelers’ […]

Cardinals GM: Will not trade quarterback Murray’s jerseys

On Thursday, when asked whether the team would trade the quarterback Kyler Murray Jerseys, Steve Keim, general manager of cardinals, gave a clear negative answer: “it’s impossible”. As the top pick in 2019, Murray is qualified to start negotiating a new contract this off-season. Previous reports have shown that Murray will not participate in off-season […]

49ers wide receiver Debow Samuel asks for jerseys trade

Over the past few months, 49ers has repeatedly expressed its willingness to renew its contract with the outsider deebo Samuel wholesale Jerseys. But now it seems that they may not have a chance to realize their wishes. According to the reporter of NFL Jerseys network, Samuel has officially asked 49ers to trade himself. Samuel did […]

Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting quarterback

On Tuesday, Ben McAdoo, panthers attack coordinator, said in an interview that Sam darnold will be the starting quarterback next season. McAdoo later added that coach Matt Rhule has the final decision, but the current operation mode of the team is based on the premise of danold’s starting. Panthers will only have danold and P.J. […]