Broncos sign one-year jerseys sales deal with veteran running back Melvin Gordon

On Tuesday night, veteran running guard Melvin Gordon III signed a one-year jerseys sales contract with Mustang to continue playing for Denver. Gordon is also the third free agent to re sign a one-year short contract with Mustang in recent weeks. Previously, they were security guard Kareem Jackson and defensive interceptor DeShawn Williams. Mustang will […]

Running back Bilal Powell to sign one-day deal with Jets

On Tuesday, former jets runner Bilal Powell announced his retirement decision. He will sign a one-day contract with the jets and retire as a jets player. Powell, 33, has not played since the 2019 season. Although he suffered serious neck injury in 2018 season, Powell, who returned after surgery, still played 13 games. As the […]

Bengals wide receiver Higgins to miss offseason training due to shoulder surgery

On Monday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said that outfielder tee Higgins would miss off-season training due to shoulder surgery. Higgins missed the third and fourth regular season last season due to a shoulder injury, but returned and participated in almost all the games since then. In the closing game of the regular season, Bengals rested […]

Giants willing to trade wide receiver Caldaris Tunney jerseys

On Saturday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, giants is willing to trade the kadarius Toney jerseys for the first round of the show. Tony was the 20th in the first round of last year’s show. The rookie season was quite rough due to injuries and other reasons: the wrong size of shoes […]

Steelers re-sign safety Edmonds jerseys for one year

On Friday, Steelers will re sign a one-year contract with security guard Terrell Edmonds Jerseys, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network. Steelers did not execute Edmonds’s fifth year contract option before, which also allowed him to finally test the water in the free market this off-season. Edmonds is the first round of Steelers’ […]