Saints sign safety Tyrann Mathieu to 3-year jerseys sales deal

On Monday, saints will sign a three-year Jerseys sales contract with safety guard tyran Mathieu, with a total salary of $33 million, including $18 million in security, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network. Saints’ two starting security guards last season will not continue to play. Marcus Williams signed with ravens and Malcolm Jenkins […]

Saints will aggressively pursue safety Tyrann Mathieu

On Sunday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, saints, who did not supplement any safety guards in the draft, has a clear goal: they will actively pursue safety guards tyran Mathieu. Mathieu grew up in New Orleans and visited saints in April. Last month, saints interviewed Mathieu and outsider Jarvis Landry, but they […]

University of Georgia picks 15 players, breaking NFL record

In the 2022 draft, a total of 15 players from the University of Georgia were selected, breaking the historical record of the NFL seven round draft. The previous record (14) was jointly maintained by Ohio State University (2004) and Louisiana State University (2020). The University of Georgia also broke the record for the number of […]

Raiders won’t implement Ferrell and other three-man’s fifth-year jerseys wholesale contract option

On Friday, Raiders announced that it would not implement the five-year Jerseys wholesale contract option of the three first round shows in 2019. The three first round players are clelin Ferrell, the defensive front man of the 4th show, Josh Jacobs, the running guard of the 24th show, and Johnathan Abram, the security guard of […]

Giants won’t exercise quarterback Jones’ fifth-year jerseys sales option

On Thursday, according to the NFL Jerseys network, giants will not implement the fifth year Jerseys sales option in the quarterback Daniel Jones rookie contract ($22.39 million).However, giants performed another 2019 first round show, defensive striker Dexter Lawrence’s fifth year Jerseys sales contract option (salary $10.8 million). Lawrence has been responsible for stabilizing giants’ central […]