Packers coach: It’s not good to trade Adams

Packers head coach Matt Lafleur opened up about the Davante Adam trade during an interview interview Cheap NFL Online on Sunday.
“Sometimes we must make difficult choices,” Laflo said. “We thank God for all that Devante does for our team. Devante is the best wide receiver in the league. trading him isn’t an easy choice for me as well as the club. Decide.”
The Raiders deal was made following the time that Adams told Green Bay that he would not participate in tag contracts the following season. Adams then signed a five-year $141.25 million deal for the Raiders.
Adams was a second round pick of the Packers in the year 2014. He had 669 catch (second in the history of the team) totalling eight,121 yards (fourth in the history of the team) with 73 scores over eight seasons. The search for his replacement isn’t an easy job. The past two seasons each of Lee Adams and Lee Adams were picked for be on the All-NBA first Team. In the last season, Adams received the 123rd time in a game, resulting in 1,553 yards, and scored 11 touchdowns.
“We certainly have to build up our outside group and increase our core strength on the basis of the current grouping. We don’t have time to think back, we must only look towards the future.” Laflo said.