Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting quarterback

On Tuesday, Ben McAdoo, panthers attack coordinator, said in an interview that Sam darnold will be the starting quarterback next season. McAdoo later added that coach Matt Rhule has the final decision, but the current operation mode of the team is based on the premise of danold’s starting. Panthers will only have danold and P.J. […]

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa: Looking forward to the new season jerseys

Dolphins did a lot in the off-season this year: signed with new coach Mike McDaniel and joined several heavyweight players. Quarterback TUA tagovaloa is looking forward to the start of off-season training to run in with new teammates and new coaches. “The only appropriate adjective is excitement.” Tagovaloa said in an interview, “all of us […]

Ravens agree to sign linebacker center Josh Bynes Jerseys to one-year deal

One week after missing Bobby Wagner, ravens officially announced that it would re the sign Lineback center Josh Bynes jerseys for one year. Byrnes, 32, started 12 games for the crow last season and completed 76 catches and 2 kills. The ravens were once close to signing Wagner’s shirt as a new midline defender, but […]

Patriots acquire the wide receiver Devante Parker via trade

On Saturday, according to the report of NFL Jerseys online, Patriots will get five rounds of signing in 2022 from dolphins outsider devante Parker, and the chip is its own three rounds of signing in 2023. Parker’s position in the team has declined since he acquired tyreek hill and Cedrick Wilson Jr. before dolphins. At […]