Vikings coach praises second-year quarterback Mond’s jerseys quality performance

In the 2021 season, Vikings coach Hans Zimmer finally described rookie quarterback Kellen Mond to reporters as follows: “I’ve seen enough of his jerseys quality performance.” For the 2022 season, new Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell has opted to give Mond plenty of opportunities to compete for Kirk Cousins’ bench spot as well. “Kellen’s been […]

Falcons and Defensive End Grady Jarrett Renew Wholesale Jerseys for 3 Years

On Tuesday, falcons will renew a three-year Jersey wholesale contract with defensive interceptor Grady Jarrett, including a guarantee of $34.5 million and an annual salary of up to $17 million, according to the NFL Jersey network.Jarrett’s current contract will last until the end of the 2025 season, with a total salary of $67 million (including […]

Giants won’t exercise quarterback Jones’ fifth-year jerseys sales option

On Thursday, according to the NFL Jerseys network, giants will not implement the fifth year Jerseys sales option in the quarterback Daniel Jones rookie contract ($22.39 million).However, giants performed another 2019 first round show, defensive striker Dexter Lawrence’s fifth year Jerseys sales contract option (salary $10.8 million). Lawrence has been responsible for stabilizing giants’ central […]

Giants willing to trade wide receiver Caldaris Tunney jerseys

On Saturday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, giants is willing to trade the kadarius Toney jerseys for the first round of the show. Tony was the 20th in the first round of last year’s show. The rookie season was quite rough due to injuries and other reasons: the wrong size of shoes […]

Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting quarterback

On Tuesday, Ben McAdoo, panthers attack coordinator, said in an interview that Sam darnold will be the starting quarterback next season. McAdoo later added that coach Matt Rhule has the final decision, but the current operation mode of the team is based on the premise of danold’s starting. Panthers will only have danold and P.J. […]