NFL Network News – lightning signs a five-year high salary contract with corner guard J.C. Jackson

Los Angeles lightning will sign a five-year $82.5 million contract with former patriot guard J.C. Jackson, including $40 million in security, according to an NFL Network reporter on Monday.
Jackson has played in the League for four seasons since his career, and was selected into the professional bowl last season. His cut count (8) ranks second in the league, second only to cowboy horn guard trevon diggs (11).
Patriot Coach Bill Belichick once praised Jackson’s sense of the ball: “if you throw any garbage, he can find it and pick it up at the first time.”
Jackson fell out of the draft in 2018. So far, he has completed 25 catches and kills in four seasons, and tied with Lester Hayes and Everson walls for the most in the first four years of his career.
Previously, according to NBC, Patriot negotiated with Jackson about renewing his contract in the middle of the season, but he decided to wait until the end of the season.
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