Bengals quarterback Burrow: Now you know what team jerseys you need to win the Super Bowl

This time last year, the Bengals, who were last in the North America, were trying to figure out a way to make the playoffs, and they ended up just one possession away from the first stealing bowl in franchise history. In a news conference, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said playoff experience has given them more […]

Saints sign safety Tyrann Mathieu to 3-year jerseys sales deal

On Monday, saints will sign a three-year Jerseys sales contract with safety guard tyran Mathieu, with a total salary of $33 million, including $18 million in security, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network. Saints’ two starting security guards last season will not continue to play. Marcus Williams signed with ravens and Malcolm Jenkins […]

Broncos sign one-year jerseys sales deal with veteran running back Melvin Gordon

On Tuesday night, veteran running guard Melvin Gordon III signed a one-year jerseys sales contract with Mustang to continue playing for Denver. Gordon is also the third free agent to re sign a one-year short contract with Mustang in recent weeks. Previously, they were security guard Kareem Jackson and defensive interceptor DeShawn Williams. Mustang will […]

Steelers re-sign safety Edmonds jerseys for one year

On Friday, Steelers will re sign a one-year contract with security guard Terrell Edmonds Jerseys, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network. Steelers did not execute Edmonds’s fifth year contract option before, which also allowed him to finally test the water in the free market this off-season. Edmonds is the first round of Steelers’ […]

Rams wide receiver Karp: I hope the jerseys sales contract is reasonable for myself and the team

This year’s off-season, many stars have won high salary Jerseys contracts. However, in rams’s outsider Cooper kupp’s view, the Jerseys sales contract that can benefit himself and the team is the most appropriate. Karp received the ball 145 times last season, pushed 1947 yards and reached the array 16 times. He was elected as the […]