49ers wide receiver Debow Samuel asks for jerseys trade

Over the past few months, 49ers has repeatedly expressed its willingness to renew its contract with the outsider deebo Samuel wholesale Jerseys. But now it seems that they may not have a chance to realize their wishes. According to the reporter of NFL Jerseys network, Samuel has officially asked 49ers to trade himself. Samuel did […]

Browns and cornerback Denzel Ward renew 5-year wholesale jerseys deal

On Monday, Browns will sign a five-year $100.5 million wholesale Jersey contract with corner guard Denzel ward, including a guarantee of $71.25 million, according to a reporter from the NFL Jerseys network. Ward will also become the highest paid corner guard in the league’s history, with an annual salary of $2010 million, surpassing the previous […]

Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr renew jerseys sale for 3 years

On Wednesday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, Las Vegas Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr Jersey sales renewed their contract for three years, with a total salary of $121.5 million, including no transaction terms. In the 2017 season, Carl renewed his five-year contract with the team of US $125 million, which was the […]

Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins died in a car accident

Dwayne Hakins, Steelers quarterback, was killed Saturday morning in an accident on a South Florida freeway. He was 24 years old. Haskins tried to get out of his car and cross the highway by foot when the gas ran out. However, he was hit and killed by an approaching truck. Mike Tomlin, Steelers coach said […]

NFL Jerseys Veteran player Al Gore to retire as 49ers

Former run-back Frank Gore will sign a one-day contract to the San Francisco 49ers, retiring after the team who originally selected him, NFL Jerseys Online reported on Sunday. Gore also stated his desire to become an integral part of the 49ers frontline management. “I am a suave fan of potential talent and looking at the […]