Pirates external coach: Team jerseys competition is not small

In his third year with the Buccaneers, quarterback Tom Brady’s passing targets may not be the same. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are confirmed to return, but the rest of the wide receivers will be picked among the talents. Offseason training performance is therefore critical. Buccaneers wide receiver coach Kevin Garver said: “Mike and Chris […]

Raiders won’t implement Ferrell and other three-man’s fifth-year jerseys wholesale contract option

On Friday, Raiders announced that it would not implement the five-year Jerseys wholesale contract option of the three first round shows in 2019. The three first round players are clelin Ferrell, the defensive front man of the 4th show, Josh Jacobs, the running guard of the 24th show, and Johnathan Abram, the security guard of […]

Bengals wide receiver Higgins to miss offseason training due to shoulder surgery

On Monday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said that outfielder tee Higgins would miss off-season training due to shoulder surgery. Higgins missed the third and fourth regular season last season due to a shoulder injury, but returned and participated in almost all the games since then. In the closing game of the regular season, Bengals rested […]

49ers wide receiver Debow Samuel asks for jerseys trade

Over the past few months, 49ers has repeatedly expressed its willingness to renew its contract with the outsider deebo Samuel wholesale Jerseys. But now it seems that they may not have a chance to realize their wishes. According to the reporter of NFL Jerseys network, Samuel has officially asked 49ers to trade himself. Samuel did […]

Browns and cornerback Denzel Ward renew 5-year wholesale jerseys deal

On Monday, Browns will sign a five-year $100.5 million wholesale Jersey contract with corner guard Denzel ward, including a guarantee of $71.25 million, according to a reporter from the NFL Jerseys network. Ward will also become the highest paid corner guard in the league’s history, with an annual salary of $2010 million, surpassing the previous […]