Mustang takes over Travis Fulgham: Jerseys sales goal is to restore the level of the past

The name Travis fulgham was once popular in the fancier rugby, but it soon faded.

Starting from the fifth week of the 2020 season, fulgham received the ball 27 times in four games, pushed 378 yards and reached the array 3 times. Fulgham is a six round show in 2019. He was born in a university where the football program has only been running for ten years. He joined the eagle after being eliminated by the lion and the packer.

“It feels wonderful and dreams come true.” Fulgham recalled, “it was probably the happiest time of my life. I just played, did what I liked, and helped Philadelphia win the game. Unfortunately, this time didn’t last long, but people saw my potential.”

Fulgham made only nine catches and pushed 104 yards in the last eight games of the season. He was cut by the hawks at the end of the training camp the following year, and spent most of the 2021 season in the training team.

“All I can do is play well and be myself.” Fulgham said, “I still have the ability. If I want to, I can take over the game.