Many wide receivers choose not to participate in some training due to jerseys contract reasons

On Monday, according to the NFL Jerseys network, several young outfielders will choose not to participate in the off-season training program because of their jerseys contract.

These players are deebo Samuel from 49ers, A.J. Brown from Titans and Terry McLaurin from commanders.

Samuel and Brown are the second round show in 2019, while McLaughlin is the third round show in the same year. All three have only one year left in their rookie contracts. The off-season training program of Titans and commanders will start on Monday and 49ers will start on Tuesday. According to the report, Brown does not intend to appear, but McLaughlin plans to report to the team on time.

Seahawks outsider D.K. Metcalf also hopes to win the new contract, but has no intention of missing training. In addition, after Seahawks traded Russell Wilson, many people believed that Metcalf Ken shares were the next trading partner.

Off season training is not compulsory and none of the three will be punished. But Samuel’s contract includes a $50000 training bonus, which is the only amount he may suffer.