Giants won’t exercise quarterback Jones’ fifth-year jerseys sales option

On Thursday, according to the NFL Jerseys network, giants will not implement the fifth year Jerseys sales option in the quarterback Daniel Jones rookie contract ($22.39 million).
However, giants performed another 2019 first round show, defensive striker Dexter Lawrence’s fifth year Jerseys sales contract option (salary $10.8 million).

Lawrence has been responsible for stabilizing giants’ central defense for three years. Last season, he contributed 52 catches and 2.5 catches and kills.

Jones is the 6th show in the first round of 2019. At present, giants still says he will be the cornerstone quarterback of the team. But his performance on the pitch is not stable, and injury has always been a problem. Since the rookie season has passed 24 times, Jones has passed 21 times in the past two seasons.

Jones will still be the first quarterback of giants this season. Tyrod Taylor, a veteran who signed a two-year jerseys wholesale contract with the team, is expected to serve as a substitute for him.