Giants willing to trade wide receiver Caldaris Tunney jerseys

On Saturday, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network, giants is willing to trade the kadarius Toney jerseys for the first round of the show.

Tony was the 20th in the first round of last year’s show. The rookie season was quite rough due to injuries and other reasons: the wrong size of shoes jerseys led to his absence from off-season training programs, and he had to be absent for a period of time due to the positive results of many new crown tests. In 2021, Tony played a total of 10 games, completed 39 catches, pushed 420 yards and didn’t get an injection.

Since taking office, Joe Schoen, the new general manager of giants, has always adhered to the policy of exploring all possibilities. He said he was willing to listen to the offer for any player, including saquon Barkley, who is the home running guard.

Tony did not participate in the previous off-season training and last week’s Mini training camp. Brian, the new coach of the team, has not yet received the new tactical book. “Training is voluntary.” “We will train with the players present, and those who don’t come will miss something. There are reasons to volunteer, and the rules dictate,” dabol said on Wednesday