Colts sign cornerback Stephon Gilmore

On Friday, Colts will sign a two-year $23 million contract with corner guard Stephon Gilmore, including $14 million in security, according to a reporter from NFL Jerseys network.

Gilmore is Colts’ second tier member added this week. Colts also signed with security guard Rodney McLeod on Thursday.

Colts previously traded the starting rock Ya sin to Las Vegas Raiders to obtain the cross setter Yannick ngakoue. Since Xavier Rhodes has not renewed his contract with the team, Colts needs to supplement a new corner guard for this visa.

Colts’s current defensive team includes Gilmore, ngakoue, deforest Buckner, line guard Darius Leonard and Kenny Moore, one of the league’s best slot and corner guards. All five have been on the professional bowl list at least once.