Cardinals rookie cornerback Matthew briefly considered giving up his career and Cardinals jerseys

For Cardinals rookie cornerback Christian Matthew, attending an NFL minicamp was a distant dream.

Matthew changed schools twice during college, and also encountered the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020. Valdosta State, where he was at the time, had to cancel all team games, and the uncertainty piled up to the point where Matthew even considered giving up on pursuing a career and a Cardinals jerseys.

He studied logistics management while in school and got a job as a store supervisor at Walmart. But his family and friends urged him to be a manager anytime, but the opportunity to play in the NFL didn’t always come along.

“I was very close (to give up), but my friends and family persuaded me,” Matthew said. “My girlfriend and I trusted each other and told me that if I really wanted to do it, she would support me.  … But There aren’t as many opportunities to chase your dreams and play at a higher level than being a manager at Walmart.”

Matthew therefore continued to participate in the 2021 season of college football, and played in all 14 games of the team, completing 37 tackles, one interception, 15 broken passes and one blocked kick. He was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the seventh round, the sixth player in Valdosta State history to be drafted.