Cardinals GM: Will not trade quarterback Murray’s jerseys

On Thursday, when asked whether the team would trade the quarterback Kyler Murray Jerseys, Steve Keim, general manager of cardinals, gave a clear negative answer: “it’s impossible”.

As the top pick in 2019, Murray is qualified to start negotiating a new contract this off-season. Previous reports have shown that Murray will not participate in off-season training until he gets a new contract. In this regard, KEM said that the previous renewal time of quarterbacks such as Patrick mahomes and Josh Allen was also in the summer.

“Our current approach is to consider free agents, draft, then take a deep breath and focus again (renewal).” “That’s why every three-year quarterback was renewed in the summer before, and so are we,” KEM said
Murray also said publicly on social media: “I hope to win the super bowl with Cardinals. Arizona is my home.”