Browns and cornerback Denzel Ward renew 5-year wholesale jerseys deal

On Monday, Browns will sign a five-year $100.5 million wholesale Jersey contract with corner guard Denzel ward, including a guarantee of $71.25 million, according to a reporter from the NFL Jerseys network.

Ward will also become the highest paid corner guard in the league’s history, with an annual salary of $2010 million, surpassing the previous $20 million of Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey himself also congratulated ward. His security is also nearly $27 million higher than the previous record, which was $44.346 million for saints corner guard marshon Lattimore.

Ward’s wholesale Jerseys contract will last until the end of the 2027 season. This season is the fifth year option of his rookie contract, with a salary of $13.294 million.

Browns new contract guarantee for the off-season this year amounted to $340.5 million, the largest in the league. Of this, $301.25 million was distributed to ward and quarterback deshaun Watson.

Since being selected in 2018, ward has completed 10 interceptions and 50 destructive passes, and was selected into the list of professional bowls in 2018 and 2021.