Bill and Line Vef-Miller will sign a contract for 6 years

US time on Wednesday, Bill officially announced that it will sign a Von Miller for 6 years.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Miller’s contract salary is $ 120 million, including $ 51.5 million security.

In addition, Bill also signed a $ 3.5 million contract with the former pirate near the front of the front and the former pirates, and after the incentive bonus clause, the salary is up to 5 million US dollars.

Bill has invested a lot in terms of defensive end in the past two years, but there is no satisfactory results. Miller’s joining will bring immediate improvement. The ram won the super bowl of championship, and Miller, who was traded in November played an important role. Miller contributed 5 murder in 8 regular seasonings, and then added 4 times in the playoffs, including the superb bowl game twice to the Tiger quartz Wei Qiao Burro (Joe Burrow).

Miller career completed 115.5, ranked first in active players. Since 2016, Bill has not yet been able to accomplish at least 10 killing players.