Bengals wide receiver Higgins to miss offseason training due to shoulder surgery

On Monday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said that outfielder tee Higgins would miss off-season training due to shoulder surgery.

Higgins missed the third and fourth regular season last season due to a shoulder injury, but returned and participated in almost all the games since then. In the closing game of the regular season, Bengals rested most of the starting members, and Higgins was one of them.

As the second round show in 2020, Higgins played 14 games last season, completed 74 catches, pushed 1091 yards and reached the array six times. In the super bowl against rams, Higgins received the ball four times, pushed 100 yards and reached the array twice.

Bengals will officially launch the off-season training program on May 2, including 6 voluntary team activities. But according to Taylor, Bengals will not hold Mini training camps.