49ers wide receiver Debow Samuel asks for jerseys trade

Over the past few months, 49ers has repeatedly expressed its willingness to renew its contract with the outsider deebo Samuel wholesale Jerseys. But now it seems that they may not have a chance to realize their wishes.

According to the reporter of NFL Jerseys network, Samuel has officially asked 49ers to trade himself. Samuel did not tell reporters his specific reasons, but determined that he had officially informed the team at this time.

After 2021 season, the relationship between 49ers and Samuel began to become unstable. In the past few weeks, Samuel has cleared most of his social media content about 49ers and did not participate in the off-season training program of 49ers, which began on Tuesday.

Samuel averaged 18.2 on the ball and 6.2 on the ball last season. He was selected into the best team for 14 times. His total advancing yards (1770) ranked third in the league, and the number of charging and reaching arrays (8) was also the record of outflanking season in the league’s history. In the three seasons of 49ers, Samuel has received the ball 167 times, pushed 2598 yards and reached the array 10 times, and pushed 550 yards and reached the array 11 times.