Patriots acquire the wide receiver Devante Parker via trade

On Saturday, according to the report of NFL Jerseys online, Patriots will get five rounds of signing in 2022 from dolphins outsider devante Parker, and the chip is its own three rounds of signing in 2023. Parker’s position in the team has declined since he acquired tyreek hill and Cedrick Wilson Jr. before dolphins. At […]

Falcons sign wide receiver Damiere Bird to one-year deal

On Friday, falcons will sign a one-year contract with outsider damiere Byrd, according to ESPN reporters.This will also be the fifth team in bird’s career. He first played for panthers and then played for cardinals, patriots and bears. Bird played in all the regular season of bears last season and completed 26 catches, 329 yards […]

Jaguars sign the pass rusher Jaden Key to one-year deal

The Jaguars added an offensive lineman to their defense on Wednesday, when they announced that they have signed defensive end Arden Key on a one-year contract. Key was arguably the greatest performances of his entire career this season, when he recorded 6.5 tackles in just 35 per cent of the 49ers defense. Key will begin […]