Seahawks and running back Rashaad Penny Jerseys wholesale renewal

On Sunday, NFL Network reporters reported that Seahawks Jersey Online will sign running back Rashaad Penny Jersey to a one-year deal. Next season will be a critical period when Penny must prove himself. Seahawks Jersey Online’s current running back lineup also includes Chris Carson, who is recovering from neck surgery. The wholesale jersey contract for […]

NFL jerseys network news briefing

The Hawks will sign defensive tackle Fletcher Cox to a one-year, $14 million deal with the team. Cox, 31, was a six-time Pro Bowl selection and a four-time All-NBA selection. In his career, Cox completed 58 sacks and 142 hits to the quarterback. In addition, the Hawks signed running back Boston Scott to a one-year […]

Texans quarterback Watson to be traded to Browns

On Friday, US time, according to NFL Network reporters, the Texans will trade quarterback Deshaun Watson and a 2024 fifth-round pick to the Browns for 2022, 2023, and 2024 first-round picks. , a third-round pick in 2023, and a fourth-round pick in 2024. Brown is expected to sign a five-year, $230 million contract with Watson, […]

Panthers extend wide receiver D.J. Moore to 3-year deal

On Friday, US time, according to NFL Network reporters, the Panthers and wide receiver D.J. Moore (D.J. Moore) renewed their contract for three years, adding a total contract salary of $61.884 million, including $41.61 million in guaranteed money. Moore now has four years remaining on his contract and a total salary of $73 million. The […]

Raiders trade for Packers wide receiver Adams

Days after Aaron Rodgers officially signed with the Packers, one of his favorite passing targets left the team. On Thursday, US time, according to ESPN reporters, Adams will be traded to the Raiders in exchange for the opponent’s first- and second-round picks. The Packers currently have four second-round draft picks: No. 22, No. 28, No. […]